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pixlr sprite, the photo editor tool I dreamt about

I bought a MacBook Pro because I was obliged to as I develop mobile applications on the iOS. Unfortunately each upgrade get rid of all my settings even the most important ones like the tools configuration.

Since the last upgrade GIMP stopped working as well as many other tools like eclipse!

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Less than 8% of people know what is a browser #NewYork #Interview

Google interviewed people in New York on the street and most of them couldn’t answer to two questions:

-what is a browser?
-what is a search engine?

Some of the answers given in the video include:

“A website you can search on.”
“A search engine.”
“It’s where you put your search terms.”
“The Yahoo!

Marketing data model: top 10 rules to collect consumers’ data

Marketing: Data model

One of the main concerns for a firm is when, how and to whom they should market their products. Firms make marketing decisions based on how much data they know about their customers and potential customers.

They may choose for mass market when they do not know much about their customers or they may market directly the consumer based on some observed characteristics.

Depending on the needs, the firm will use one of the two methods (primary and secondary) to collect its data.

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10 years anniversary of my email account on

Voilà, 10 years ago I created my account on Hotmail, it was only 12 days after Hotmail started its online service.

Strangly, I see no post concerning this important fact. Come on guys/girls, the first ever online email address provider!

Is it because Microsoft is owning the service that nobody even Microsoft talks about the anniversary? I guess that all products starting by “i” have a better selling argument for the moment.

Then, enjoy your email account and blogs about Hotmail.