Monthly Archives: March 2008

Who wants to buy Unisys?

I’m following the stock market every day for some years now. It is interesting to see that after the Internet bubble, Unisys could not gain any more visibility on the market which should imply an increase of the stocks price.

After watching/reading the news regarding their latest quarter I wanted to know the “estimated” real value of the stocks. I used my Internet banking to do so.

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Creation of a new CEN/ISSS Workshop on Sharing eGovernment Resources

Here is a new initiative who should be helpful for all open source (and maybe non open source) repositories that are exploited around the world.

The goal of this workshop is to create "specifications that facilitate cataloguing and retrieving eGovernment resources in pan-European federated resource registries".
Those eGovernment resources "can be eGovernment services, standards and specifications, laws, terminological resources, description of selected cultural elements."

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