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Article: Judge: FBI Doesn’t Need a Warrant to Access Google Customer Data

Judge: FBI Doesn’t Need a Warrant to Access Google (and certainly other providers) Customer Data

FBI denied permission to spy on hacker through his webcam | Ars Technica

A federal magistrate judge has denied (PDF) a request from the FBI to install sophisticated surveillance software to track someone suspected of attempting to conduct a “sizeable wire transfer from [John Doe’s] local bank [in Texas] to a foreign bank account.

Hootsuite needs more (too much) permissions on Google Chrome

Chrome informed me that Hootsuite Hootlet has been disabled because it requires further access to my browsing activities.

“Hootsuite needs

  • to access data on all websites
  • access your tabs and browsing activity”

It should be nice that Hootsuite gives the finality of such request as I don’t use it actively.

Is there a risk for my data privacy? accessing to all my browsing activities like checking my bank account is really mandatory for such tool?

One conclusion: Google Chrome informs correctly the user if any extension wants to increase the amount of permissions it needs to fulfil its duty.

Hootsuite Hootlet needs more permissions

Hootsuite Hootlet needs more permissions

Google – the evil – is the last while evaluating the data privacy protection!

When I participate to meetings with nerds, I always see people who don’t want to share their email with the event organisers claiming that their data privacy is important. Off course, I’m sure that the majority of those people use Google, its toolbar and certainly GMail.

Here is the result[1] of a study I’ve started but never finished studying the level of data privacy between big Internet players like Amazon, AOL, Apple, BBC, eBay, Facebook, Google, Lastfm, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Microsoft, MySpace, Orkut, Skype, Wikipedia, Windows Live Space, Yahoo! and YouTube.

Nobody has a green colour meaning that they are privacy-friendly!

You can see that BBC (European company isn’t it), eBay, Lastfm, LiveJournal and Wikipedia take care of your data privacy but all other companies that are paid by the advertising don’t take care of it.

It’s sure that the correlation between the collection of data (for any business intelligence reporting) and relevance of the advertising showed to the user force those companies to completely forget the basic (European) policy that says that : “any collection of data must clearly have a finality that allows the owner of data to do his job and nothing else”.

It’s clear that many Google applications don’t run correctly if you have your cookies disabled. It’s because the evil is inside the company for a long time now and it’s clear that they will not be able to come back from hell if they don’t want to be sanctioned by the (holly) market.

Google is not the only bad company, in Belgium we have SWIFT that shared, under the pressure of the US administration, worldwide financial transactions without noticing the European Commission or any European Member States!
Once again the American hegemony allows to do everything we our private data.

Now, what can we do? Delete our GMail accounts, disable the cookies, remove our profile from LinkedIn… or could we push them to take care for us? If yes, do you know any kind of pressure we could use?