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Avoid Chrome 11 but embrace Safari 5 and Firefox 5 Beta #WebStandards #NonRegressionTest

While developing a new website for a customer I had to try some CSS tricks. Before going further I wanted to check the web compliance of Firefox 5 Beta, Safari 5.0.5 and Chrome 11 (sole browsers on my Mac OS X 10.6.7).

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One single reason why you shouldn’t buy a #fake #iPhone in #Saigon (#Vietnam) or #Shenzhen (#China)

Someone I know asked me to check the “Phone 4” he bought in Saigon, a fake iPhone 4 he bought in a market. the smartphone was not working since he brought it at home.

I accepted to check the phone even if I don’t know a lot about iPhone 4, I own an iPhone 3G.

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Setup project on #google app engine running #Mercurial #Eclipse #Python #app_engine

Starting a new project using Python on the Google App Engine, I decided to keep in mind the steps put in place in order to make this project running.
Due to this, I have created a list of resources that should help you out if you want to achieve the same goal.

Google tools

Create a new project:

Create a new group:

Mercurial source control

Quickstart to mercurial

Quick reference card and cheat sheets:

Mercurial source control:

Eclipse IDE

Eclipse IDE:

Google Plugin for Eclipse:

Mercurial plugin for Eclipse:

MercurialEclipse and its priceless tips

Create the new repository – watch this tutorial :

Gnu Privacy Gard (GnuPG) tools :