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Goodbye Pinterest Android app, you are too curious !!!


pinterest, why do you need to access my contact list if I want to search for pictures on your social network?

Advice for 2013: Deliver On Your Promises

“There has been a lot of discussion out there about the Series A crunch, the consumer sector falling out of favor, VCs getting more conservative, the need to focus on revenues instead of users, and so on and so forth….”

“…So if I can give entrepreneurs a single piece of advice for 2013 it would be to deliver on your promises. Not just to your investors but also to your team and ultimately to yourself. This is no time to be in denial. That is a lethal attribute in times like these.”

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Nain de Seneb - Seneb dwarf

Need help to develop a Android app – Barcode reader + match against Amazon database

Hi folks, I would like to develop an Android app addressing 6 requirements and to know which technologies and libraries might help me to build it.

I am looking for reliable libraries, whether they are licensed under open source license or commercial license doesn’t matter yet.

Thank you for your help,

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