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Twitter API dead-end: Can’t set read-write permissions to our mobile app

Dear readers, you might help me 🙂

I reached a Dead-End using Twitter Apps ( : I can’t grant read-write access to the mobile users of my application.
Whatever the support pages say it is not possible to change the permissions settings.

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Alcatel One Touch 8008D doesn’t compute correctly its remaining free memory

Who can help me?

according to the storage system on Android the remaining memory on my smartphone is ±54 Mbytes out of 2 Gbytes.

but, the sum of memory consumed by the Apps, Pictures …. is less than 200 MBytes!

What’s wrong? Any clue?


New Samsung Galaxy S3 ad: It’s good for sharing sex tapes!

English: Samsung Galaxy S i9000

English: Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Le nouveau Samsung Galaxy S3 propose la connexion 4G à 48 Mbits/secondes ou ±4 Megabytes par seconde, de quoi voir une vidéo en HD en temps réel.

Pour la promouvoir, Samsung propose une publicité présentant une mère de famille partageant une vidéo des enfants à leur père prêt à partir en voyage.
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Why is Apple the king of the mobile app despite his lower device’ market share? #appstore #android #windowsphone #blackberry #ovi

Apparently all app stores give 70% of the revenues generated by the paid apps to third parties. I presume we see here a clear oligopole where none of the companies want to release more revenues to the people bringing to their consumers a reason additional reason to buy their phones.

Ideally we should see the platform less attractive like Ovi or Palm  sharing a higher percentage of their revenue to attract new developers but apparently such “objective” indicator doesn’t last.

No, less attractive platform ask for a lower cost of entry (the developer submission fee) from 99$ (Apple) to 0$ (BlackBerry).

Then, why BlackBerry, based on its user base is not capable to attract more developers?

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