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Facebook forces us to change our branding to create a new page

We are creating a Facebook page for our product  but Facebook doesn’t allow us to keep our design intact: A capital letter in the middle of a name seems forbidden! Continue reading

CoderDojo Belgium

Europe Code Week: Wed 27 Nov, come and coach the kids during the CoderDojo in Brussels

Kindergarten children learning how to use computers. credits

Kindergarten children learning how to use computers. credits

Dear readers,

as you may know, next week 25-30 November is the Europe Code Week, a week of initiatives with a focus on coding – workshops, teaching, or just raising awareness.

For that reason CoderDojo Belgium organises many events and one of them is organised and sponsored by the ICAB next Wednesday 27 November from 14:00 to 17:00.

If you don’t know what a CoderDojo is, please read the post in English or in French I wrote some weeks ago.

FIRST, WE ARE LOOKING FOR COACHES who will coach the kids participating to the CoderDojos. If you are interested, we are organising a Train-the-trainer event next Thursday, Nov. 21 from 17:30 to 18:30.
We will teach you what scratch is about : eventbrite link

SECOND, REGISTER YOUR KIDS for the next Coder Dojos, they are organised once every 2 months, Wed afternoon :
Kids should bring their laptop but we do provide some. We provide food, drinks and the coaches while the kids create games, movies or any creative content.

THIRD, YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A COMPUTER SCIENTIST to coach kids, watch those tutorials to be convinced and code the next Angry Birds !

Feel free to share the invitation, we are always looking for coaches!

The CoderDojo team: Karin, Frédérique, Jerry, Abdelkrim

Comparaison du prix de l’électricité et du gaz entre Lampiris et Electrabel (update)

update: Mise à jour du poste suite au commentaire de Thomas : l’encodage des données dans le simulateur de consommation de gaz et d’électricité était érroné et j’indiquais que Electrabel était plus de 40% plus cher mais il n’en n’est rien, les 2 fournisseurs pour un produit similaire sont au même tarif !!!

Désolé Electrabel d’avoir partager un calcul érroné.

Chez Lampiris Pour 14.565 kWh de gaz je paie 818,13 EUR HTVA annuellement

Pour 2036 kWh d’électricité je paie 387,54 EUR HTVA annuellement

J’ai donc testé le simulateur d’Electrabel avec les mêmes données et voici les résultats … Continue reading

5 criticisms of separation of investment banks and retail banks @brunocolmant @ssoumier #oecd #financewatch

English: The Lehman Brothers company sign for ...

English: The Lehman Brothers company sign for Auction after bankruptcy at Christie’s. London, UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. That Lehman Brothers and AIG were not universal banks that could be considered for separation, and yet they caused systemic concerns

2. That is was not the global systemically important financial institutions (GSIFI) banks that failed during the crisis; it was the specialised mortgage banks involved in the real estate boom busts in the USA, the UK, Ireland and Spain that mainly failed.

3. The separating core deposit banking will force investment banks into more wholesale funding, which the distance-to-default (DTD) model results suggest is a riskier business model feature

4. That it is legally too complex to separated assets and liabilities while meeting all of the tax and corporate laws of the country concerned.

5. That separation with full ring fencing of all subsidiaries is essentially Glass-Steagall, so why bother with non operating holding companies (NOHC)?


Lehman Brothers:


Global systemically important financial institutions GSIFI banks:

Distance-to-default (DTD) model :

Glass–Steagall Legislation:–Steagall_Legislation

Non operating holding companies (NOHC):