Our preferred books & High-Tech

Here are the boutique containing the gifts, objects and books I received or bought those last years.

Amazon France store: http://astore.amazon.fr/i14ynet-21

Amazon UK store: http://astore.amazon.co.uk/i14ynet02-21

Here is the exhaustive list of topics you could find inside the eCommerce website:

  • BVS-Business Voice Series
  • LTC-Leadership Teamwork Communication
  • MECO-Managerial Economics
  • FT-Financial Accounting
  • SM-Strategic Management
  • FIN-Corporate Finance
  • MKT-Marketing
  • MACC-Management Accounting
  • GRW-Growth strategies for SME’s
  • INTBIZ-International business strategies
  • BIZASIA-Business in Asia
  • ACA-Accounting for Competitive Advantage
  • INNO-Strategic Management of Innovation and Intellectual Property rights
  • BRAND-Brand Management
  • OB-Organizational behaviour
  • ENT-Entrepreneurship
  • OM-Operations management
  • MACO-Macro Economics
  • Entrepreneur books & creativity
  • Entrepreneur Furniture
  • Management
  • Communication
  • Leisure DVD Books
  • Photos CANON
  • Logistics
  • Fête de noel – Christmas gifts for children

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