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pixlr.com, the photo editor tool I dreamt about

I bought a MacBook Pro because I was obliged to as I develop mobile applications on the iOS. Unfortunately each upgrade get rid of all my settings even the most important ones like the tools configuration.

Since the last upgrade GIMP stopped working as well as many other tools like eclipse!

After hours of readings about how to deal with the issue I decided to stop trying and looked for an online photo editor.

I just found pixlr.com, It runs on any browser as well as mobile devices.

I can tell that those guys understand what Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) means.

I was able to do all my job in 25 minutes; they are smart enough to use the habits and user interfaces of GIMP or Adobe tools!

Here is what I do 99,99% of my time with photo editor tools:

  1. Create / update / delete layers based on images stored on my HDD
  2. Resize images and layers
  3. Resize the whole picture
  4. Make the background of the images transparent
  5. Add text around the images
  6. Save the file in PNG format
  7. Save the file in the proprietary format of the tool whatever the format is (to ensure smooth update later)

If my list rings your bell, I do invite you to use this online tool!

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