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#Job Support by Civil Engineer for leading vendor for service parts inventory optimization planning #Java #Oracle #Belgium

ALT-F1 is looking for one of its partner in Belgium, Brussels: A Civil Engineer, Computer Scientist (F/M) experienced in Java and Oracle.

The partner is a leading vendor for service parts inventory optimization planning [1].

The partner offers exciting opportunities for career growth, with a competitive benefits package and earnings potential. If you were looking for a high-energy, team-oriented environment, driven by an innovative leadership team, they would love to hear from you.

The required person

  • Is experienced in Java and Oracle technologies
  • Is fluent in English
  • Has problem-solving skills
  • Has experience in a helpdesk (a plus)
  • Is willing to travel in Europe up to 10% of his/her time
  • has a minimum of three (3) years of experience

Send us your resume to the following address: info [at] alt-f1 [dot] be

[1] What are service parts inventory planning?

Where to surf freely on #Internet in #Brussels #Belgium ? #Free #Urbizone

The town of Brussels provides a map of the Wi-Fi zones identified in the territory of Brussels.
Access Wi-Fi are proposed by the Brussels-Capital (Urbizone) but also by cafes, restaurants and fast food, hotels, train stations, gas stations, …

Some Internet access is totally free. Other hotspots may require proving the quality of customer of the institution by inputting credentials given by the institution you are in.

The map is made thanks to Google maps but the layout of the page is not ergonomic at all.

People are free to add a new free hotspot by sending an email to an address provided in the link provided hereunder.

[1] Wifi – Town of Brussels

How to setup a non-profit organisation in #Belgium? #nonprofit #asbl #vzw

Minimal table of contents of the Articles needed to start a non-profit organisation in Belgium:

The word ‘ASBL’ should be mentioned in every document

  • e.g. Sémaphore ASBL or Sémaphore Association Sans But Lucratif
  • it is forbidden to use a name of a non profit already existing


  • exact address and district judicial e.g. Arrondissement de Bruxelles

The goal of the association:

  • be very precise (help children from third world countries) and DO NOT list the activities (collect money, etc.)

The goal of the association:

  • be very precise (help children from third world countries) and DO NOT list the activities (collect money, etc.)

The members of the Association:

  • The articles must state: The full names, address of each founder (individual);
  • The name, legal form (ASBL) and the registered address of each founder (legal entity). The registered office of any corporate founders should not be confused with the head office of the association is established.
  • The conditions and formalities of admission and discharge of the members must also be defined in the articles
  • The rights and obligations of the members must also be fixed by the articles (and not by internal rules of procedure).

General Assembly: powers, summons, notice to members

  • The articles must state the functions and mode of convening the general assembly. They must also indicate how its decisions are brought to the attention of members and third parties.
  • The powers reserved to the General Assembly are:
    • Changes in articles;
    • Appointment and dismissal of directors;
    • The appointment and dismissal of auditors and fixation of their compensation if a payment is foreseen;
    • Discharge to be granted to directors and commissioners;
    • approval of budgets and accounts;
    • The dissolution of the association;
    • Exclusion of a member;
    • The transformation of the association in corporation with a social purpose;
    • All the conducts the articles require.
  • It is important to indicate that anything that is not assigned by law or the articles is under the jurisdiction of the Board of the General Assembly
  • The general meeting is convened by the board or when a fifth of the members requests it. The Articles shall determine the terms of this notice. The notice period is eight days at least.
  • It is usual that the association keeps a register that records the decisions of the General Assembly. The articles should determine how members can see it.

Directors: appointment, dismissal and powers

  • The articles must contain the rules for the appointment, dismissal and termination of a director and the extent of their powers and how to exercise (by acting either individually or jointly, or in college). It is also necessary to regulate the duration of their mandate.
  • If the articles permit individuals to represent the association and / or the delegation of daily management
    the association, these mentions are also required.
  • If the articles are considering the appointment of commissioners, they should mention their method of appointment

Contributions or payments by members

  • The maximum amount of the contribution must be stated in the statutes, in order to inform those wishing to join the association on the financial commitments that will be required

Allocation of assets on dissolution

  • The articles must specify the destination of the assets resulting from the liquidation of an association. It must be assigned to a disinterested purpose. If you wish to give the property at the disposal of an association and later retrieve, you are advised to establish a writing describing the conditions.

Lifetime of the association

  • You should indicate the lifetime of the association when it is not unlimited. Indeed, some are non-profit organization formed to ensure that the pursuit of a goal limited in time.
  • The mention of the term in the articles, when it is not unlimited, provides an additional guarantee to potential members.

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Looking for internship in 2011-2012? @altf1_be needs you to dev,test & deploy WebApp on Google App Engine #Brussels #Belgium #GAE


Contact us:  – info [at] alt-f1 [dot] be

Dear Student looking for an internship:




ALT-F1 is many talented people working together to deliver simple tools to our customer or partners.

Our approach is simple, pragmatic, straightforward, never jargony, and always insightful.


Read on about our family of brands and services to see what they could do for your company.


Our capabilities (See


IT Management

  • Management Consulting
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Business architecture
  • Program  /Project management
  • Management of teams offshore / near shore
  • Quality Assurance
  • User interface testing
  • Business model generation
  • Website Analysis, Design, Development & Testing
Web Marketing

  • Facebook Preferred Developer Consultants
  • Web Marketing Strategy



  • Online pharmacy




ALT-F1 is developing web applications planned to run on Google App Engine “on the cloud” to ensure high scalability of the system from the very beginning.


The application will help people to share objects and keep track of them; the development has started in May 2011 and will be released in June 2012.


The application has simple business requirements but the challenges remains on the software architecture as well as IT configuration management.

The experience gained during this development will be used

  • To increase the experience of ALT-F1 and expand its value proposition
  • To develop further business applications using the “cloud”


Help us to compare the different “cloud” providers based on selected Key Performance Indicators (KPI) e.g. Windows Azure, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Google App Engine (GAE) or OVH Private Cloud. See further information:




This project demands significant involvement by the student. Ultimate success is highly dependent on your effort. To help achieve a smooth and successful implementation, it will be your responsibility, helped by the current team of two persons, to:

  1. Further develop the web application (implement maximum three business requirements) including the development of the interactions with the social networks (Facebook and maybe Twitter)
  2. To design the test framework and run the user and unit tests (maximum five business requirements)
  3. Document the billing model of based on the “consumption” of resources. See

We hope we can reach the two first goals.




The documentation, the source code, the servers are located « on the cloud » hosted by Google.

The student will use a laptop connected to Internet in order to develop, test and deploy the web application.


The technical architecture of the application is based on (see

Eclipse HTML v5 UTF-8 compliancy
Google App Engine (GAE) v1.5.4 Django FrameworkEmbedded into GAE v1.5.4 Python v2.7For the web application
Java or Python v2.7For the test framework Facebook Open Graph Twitter developers API


The student will have access to the following electronic libraries (See


Further documentation is available on our website, it includes business requirements, technical requirements, etc. (




Students embarking their final year (Bachelor or a University degree) in

  • Information Sciences or related
  • Taking care to the ergonomics of the application
  • Not afraid to start writing the test case before the source code




When the project is complete, the application should be ready to be deployed as a Beta version. We do plan to hire up to two students having successfully graduated in 2012.


We are at your disposal if you need further information,

Abdelkrim BOUJRAF

Managing Partner