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Comparaison du prix de l’électricité et du gaz entre Lampiris et Electrabel (update)

update: Mise à jour du poste suite au commentaire de Thomas : l’encodage des données dans le simulateur de consommation de gaz et d’électricité était érroné et j’indiquais que Electrabel était plus de 40% plus cher mais il n’en n’est rien, les 2 fournisseurs pour un produit similaire sont au même tarif !!!

Désolé Electrabel d’avoir partager un calcul érroné.

Chez Lampiris Pour 14.565 kWh de gaz je paie 818,13 EUR HTVA annuellement

Pour 2036 kWh d’électricité je paie 387,54 EUR HTVA annuellement

J’ai donc testé le simulateur d’Electrabel avec les mêmes données et voici les résultats … Continue reading

5 criticisms of separation of investment banks and retail banks @brunocolmant @ssoumier #oecd #financewatch

English: The Lehman Brothers company sign for ...

English: The Lehman Brothers company sign for Auction after bankruptcy at Christie’s. London, UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. That Lehman Brothers and AIG were not universal banks that could be considered for separation, and yet they caused systemic concerns

2. That is was not the global systemically important financial institutions (GSIFI) banks that failed during the crisis; it was the specialised mortgage banks involved in the real estate boom busts in the USA, the UK, Ireland and Spain that mainly failed.

3. The separating core deposit banking will force investment banks into more wholesale funding, which the distance-to-default (DTD) model results suggest is a riskier business model feature

4. That it is legally too complex to separated assets and liabilities while meeting all of the tax and corporate laws of the country concerned.

5. That separation with full ring fencing of all subsidiaries is essentially Glass-Steagall, so why bother with non operating holding companies (NOHC)?


Lehman Brothers:


Global systemically important financial institutions GSIFI banks:

Distance-to-default (DTD) model :

Glass–Steagall Legislation:–Steagall_Legislation

Non operating holding companies (NOHC):


crowdfunding - credits:

France signs the death of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo?

Le made in France - credits: Le Parisien

Le made in France – credits: Le Parisien

October 7, Thierry Merquiol, president of WiSEED, describes the provisions of the draft bill that should come into force in a near future in France.

The bill describes the requirements to be taken into account before a company could participate to a crowdfunding on a French platform :

  1. Business model of the platform should be based on a single lump sum, the platform can’t be paid based on the success fees
  2. Limitation of the funding to 300.000 EUR (forget about any Pebble’ kind of success)
  3. The company to be funded should be incorporated as a public limited liability company (LLC) – Read that not a single project proposed by an individual can be proposed
  4. Full registration on the website is required before disclosing
    1. the name of the company searching for investors
    2. detailed information about the project
  5. A full registration means the following; the small saver/investor should
    • Sign 7 pages of the contract and send it back by regular post
    • Disclose his payslip
    • Disclose his expenses
    • etc.

It is clear that this bill wants to protect small savers/investors but we may consider that funding a project for few hundred Euros doesn’t put a person at risk;

I invite the regulators to move forward and request to all players of lotteries/casino or users of eBay/Amazon/3Suisses to sign by hand a contract and disclose their payslip before buying any item !!!

The bill seems overstated, apparently Messieurs Hollande, Herault and Montebourg want to keep their citizens watching stupid TV shows instead of being enthusiastic about their innovations.

Citizens want to work, pay taxes and capture as much value as they can from their initiatives!

References: pour vos questions d'argent - credits aide à mieux gérer son argent et comparer les produits financiers vendus par les banques et les assureurs

Bien qu’il semble un petit peu mal nommé (‘Wiki’ synonyme de site collaboratif), est une excellente initiative du Gouvernement Fédéral dont le but est de fournir des informations qui peuvent nous aider à mieux gérer notre argent et comparer les produits des banques et assureurs.

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Court denies Grooveshark DMCA protection for songs like “Johnny B. Goode” | Ars Technica

On Tuesday, a New York state appellate court made a curious decision in a matter being litigated between Grooveshark parent company Escape Media Group, Inc. and UMG Recordings, Inc. The court ruled that due to an oddity in copyright law, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act does not apply to songs that were licensed under state law before February 15, 1972. As such, for these recordings, Grooveshark is not eligible for what is known as safe harbor—an immunity to liability if users upload copyrighted works without the website’s knowledge

Worst MBA Placement Records of 2012 | Poets and Quants

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Almost everyone who goes to a business school for an MBA does so to get a better job, at higher pay, with more advancement opportunity. But all MBAs are not created equally and all of them don’t necessarily get you a better job–or perhaps any job at all.

Last year, for example, 14 business schools ranked among the very best in the country by U.S. News reported that at least half or more of their full-time graduates were without jobs at commencement. That’s down from the 21 schools with that dubious distinction in 2011, but still something of a shock if not a surprise…..