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ALT-F1 hires a Junior Software Engineer in #Brussels @altf1_be #python #django #GoogleAppEngine #C++

Do you believe in Social Entrepreneurship, working for a company where individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems work together? Are you ambitious and persistent, with a drive to tackle major social issues and innovation?

Do you have a passion for building enterprise-class tools in C, C++ and Python? Do you get energized working with other smart individuals on complex big-data engineering challenges?

Do you love C, C++, Python but haven’t yet convinced your current team to make the switch?

Can you thrive in small virtual team, entrepreneurial working environments? Would you like to inject your fun personality into a friendly, open office?

If so, read on…

Job Description: ALT-F1 is seeking a C/C++/Python engineer to join its dynamic team.  This is a full-time position in our offices in Brussels, Belgium. You will work with a small but highly productive virtual team of engaged engineers with many years of experience.

What we Expect: Come to work every day ready to be the best you can be.  Be passionate about (y)our products, code and engineering innovations.  Lead by example.  Roll up your sleeves and get stuff done.   Expect the same from everyone on the team.

Essential Qualifications:

  • Positive attitude with an excellent work ethic and strong attention to detail
  • C/C++ developer
  • Python-focused developer with experience in Django
  • You test (y)our applications
  • You document (y)our code
  • MVC experience or at least a strong grasp of frameworks
  • Master degree in Computer Science, Civil engineer or related field
  • Knowledge of highly scalable web services (i.e. cloud computing, caching, queues, Datastore, big data)
  • Heard about processing big data sets with technologies like Google App Engine, NoSQL databases

Things We’d Also Like to See:

  • You have won a prize in Mathematics
  • Write and Speak at least English, French and/or Dutch
  • Familiarity with Graphviz, Qt
  • Familiarity with JavaScript framework integration (we use jQuery)
  • Familiarity with complex AJAX, JSON, DOM manipulation
  • Awareness of cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Awareness of web site security issues including XSS, CSRF, SQL injection, and input validation
  • Experience with deploying smartphones apps (iOS, Android, BB, TV)
  • An appetite to seek and implement best practices

To apply for the Junior Software Engineer position, please email and include your resume and anything else you think will help us know more about you, your interests and qualifications. Be sure to mention “Junior Software Engineer” in the subject line of your email.

ALT-F1: Company description

ALT-F1 is many talented people working together to deliver simple tools to our customer/partners.

We develop social applications on the Cloud; provide IT management advices, run e-Commerce websites, etc.
Our approach is pragmatic, never jargony and always insightful.

We operate in an open, creative, fast-paced environment that emphasizes teamwork. We are located in Brussels (Belgium) in a very cool office staffed with bright and engaging co-workers. ALT-F1 is a profitable company that has been in operation since October MMX.

ALT-F1 is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

To find out more about ALT-F1 and its related brands, please visit our website at

Job description: ALT-F1 Junior Software Engineer (PDF)

ALT-F1 SPRL - We believe in the projects we work on (tm)

ALT-F1: Slogan of the company

Letter sent in a box containing feedback

#Constructive #Feedback given to @MichaelDell since the delivery of their laptop XPS14z #DELL

Feedback in English since I bought the Laptop XPS14z

The estimated date of delivery is still far beyond the actual date of delivery: 10 days (ETD) instead of 4 (ATD). Your dependability needs to be revised as it makes our schedule quite hard to manage!

The keyboard of the laptop XPS14z is poorly designed, the colours of the keys do not have enough contrast, in most situations it is not possible to read the character of the key without twisting.

On receipt, the space key did not work properly. A call to your support has been made, the day promised to pass on your expert did not come! I am still waiting for your support.

Finally, I have a laptop with an i7 chip, 8Gb of RAM and an SSD drive and I find that the machine crawls miserably. In addition, the fan turns on without reason throughout the day and its noise level is very unpleasant!

Feedback en Français depuis l’achat du portable XPS14z

La date estimée de livraison est toujours bien au-delà de la date réelle de livraison: 10 jours au lieu de 4. Cela ne me permet pas de gérer mon temps!

le clavier du laptop XPS14Z est très mal conçu, les couleurs des touches du clavier n’ont pas assez de contraste, dans la majorité des situations il n’est pas possible de lire le caractère de la touché sans se contorsionner.

Dès la réception, la touche d’espacement ne fonctionnait pas correctement. Un appel à votre support a été effectué, le jour promis de passage de votre support, la personne n’est pas venue !!!

Enfin, j’ai un laptop avec une puce i7, !Gb de Ram et un disque SSD et je trouve que la machine se traine misérablement. De plus, le ventilateur s’enclenche sans raison pendant la journée et son niveau sonore est très désagréable !