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Dexia bouscule le budget de près de 3 milliards…

On apprend que notre gouvernement ne connait pas les lois nationales et européennes et pensait cacher un prêt de d’Euros !!!

C’est pourquoi, si j’étais élu, je ferais voter les directives européennes suivantes :

1. Tous les gouvernements doivent gérer leur comptabilité comme toutes les sociétés dans le monde; Tenir en compte des provisions financières promises part l’État telles que les pensions ; là on se rendra compte que la Belgique a une dette de plus de 400% par rapport à son Produit Intérieur Brut (PIB) et non 100%

2. Interdire le cumul des mandats pour créer de l’emploi durable sans augmentation de budget des États 🙂

3. Signer des accords bilatéraux internationaux en miroir pour garder nos emplois en Europe : les produits que nous exportons au Brésil mais qui peuvent être manufacturés au Brésil sont taxés ! Faisons de même!


Là je vous laisse avec une excellente revue d’ Olivier Pirnay:

Anti Trust bill - source:

Dear EU public administrations, you can’t accept bids from Samsung SDI, Philips, and LG Electronics anymore!

“Philips, LG Electronics, Samsung SDI and three other firms were fined a record €1.47 billion by EU antitrust regulators on Wednesday (5 December) for fixing prices of TV and monitor cathode-ray tubes for nearly a decade”

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Monument presenting the founding fathers of the European Union in #Bucharest #Romania

In this time of turmoil it was a bit refreshing to see in Bucharest a monument presenting the founding fathers of the European Union.

I share with you the names of the founders in case you participate to the game show ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ or ‘Qui veut gagner des millions ?’.

Paul-Henri Spaak
Alcide De Gasperi
Jean Rey
Joseph Bech
Pierre Werner
Altiero Spinelli
Johan Willem Beyen
Sicco Leendert Mansholt
Jean Omer Marie Gabriel Monnet
Robert Schuman
Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer

Netbeans, GlassFish, OpenSolaris are dead!

As you know IBM is apparently about to buy SUN Microsystems. It is interesting to see that a IBM covers almost entirely the portfolio of SUN.

Why are they buying the company?

Is it because SUN is cheap?

Is it  because IBM wants to improve OpenOffice and make it a better competitor of Microsoft Office?

Is it because IBM want to stop to fund Eclipse and use NetBeans instead (or to kill the competition)?

Is it because IBM wants to buy their customers?

One important aspect is the following: if IBM really buys SUN Microsystems we can easily foresee the end of the competition in the open source world for at least those tools:

  • NetBeans vs. Eclipse
  • GlassFish vs. WebSphere
  • MySQL vs. DB2
  • Solaris vs. AIX
  • etc.

It is clear that this buy happen

  1. IBM will drastically increase the monopolistic position in many IT areas
  2. The customers of SUN Microsystems will have to migrate to the IBM tools within the next 5 years
  3. The open source world will loose its competitiveness against closed source applications

I just hope that the European Commission and Mrs Neelie Kroes will avoid such buy for the sake of the competition!

EU procurement rules possibly exclude Microsoft, Visa, Danone, Interbrew, BASF, Dresdner Bank AG, Siemens AG and others?

Plenty of bidders to public procurement have been guilty of serious misconduct and have been convicted to pay very high fines. Banks, telecommunications providers, retail electronic payments network, Oil and gas, Electricity gears, software vendors are the types of companies that should be excluded of procurement procedures if we follow strictly the European directive related to Financial rules to be addressed during a procurement process.

I document, based on this article “EU: Green MEP: ‘EU procurement rules possibly exclude Microsoft'” [2], the rules that each EU Member State as well as the European Commission and the European Agencies must follow while procuring.

I end my post with open questions to those public actors as the execution of such constraints could change drastically our daily life.

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Research for eGovernment (R4eGov), an Open Source architecture

R4egov: The technical components

The architecture of the system is based on Open Source or Microsoft solutions. We selected the two competing architectures to address the needs of the partners and to ensure an interoperability of the most used multi-tier architectures on the market.

Open Source Stack:

  • Intalio|BPMS
  • Apache foundation components
  • WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus
  • Web Services Specifications

Microsoft Stack:

  • Microsoft BizTalk 2006 R2
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2007
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0
  • Microsoft .NET 3.0
    • Windows Communication Foundation
    • Windows Workflow Foundation


Further information about the project available on