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food waste - credits: media.npr.org

SocialFoods, how to avoid wasting 30% of the worldwide food production

SocialFoods, how to avoid wasting 30% of the worldwide food production

30% of the worldwide food production is wasted! [1] Each French citizen throws 20 kgs of perishable food per year [2]. In France, the charity “les Restos du coeur” distributed 109 millions meals in 2009-2010 [3].

During the StartUpBus event [4], a team made of 4 has met Cookers, restaurants, companies’ restaurant, hotels, grocery stores and individuals. All those actors want to reduce the waste of food!

Ideation process

We brainstormed and SocialFoods is born! [5] http://www.socialfoods.org

SocialFoods is a web platform that enables people to donate the food they are about to waste; What is our secret sauce? Taking a picture is faster than throwing your food in the garbage!

How does it work?

Citizens will take pictures of their food about to perish and their neighbor will take the food within a limited period of time.

At the same time, supermarkets will give to charities the food about to perish.

SocialFoods.org - Home Page

SocialFoods.org – Home Page

Do we have a Business model? YES!

We will propose to supermarkets to take part of the world’s first SocialFoods certification mark™. Each supermarket owned by a brand will pay an annual fee to keep the certification. On a regular basis, SocialFoods teams will check that the supermarkets do give back to the charities.

At the same time, local grocery stores and supermarkets will advertise their fresh products on our web platform. When a user is looking for food he may be redirected to a local grocery store or a supermarket.

What are the risks for your health?

Salmonella (raw or undercooked food) and Norovirus (person to person and indirectly via contaminated water and food) are the most common reason for food poisoning. But, they are methods to reduce your risk of infection: better wash your food or better cook your food!


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Why is Apple the king of the mobile app despite his lower device’ market share? #appstore #android #windowsphone #blackberry #ovi

Apparently all app stores give 70% of the revenues generated by the paid apps to third parties. I presume we see here a clear oligopole where none of the companies want to release more revenues to the people bringing to their consumers a reason additional reason to buy their phones.

Ideally we should see the platform less attractive like Ovi or Palm  sharing a higher percentage of their revenue to attract new developers but apparently such “objective” indicator doesn’t last.

No, less attractive platform ask for a lower cost of entry (the developer submission fee) from 99$ (Apple) to 0$ (BlackBerry).

Then, why BlackBerry, based on its user base is not capable to attract more developers?

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How to Increase Your Likability? from “enchantment” book by Guy Kawasaki http://amzn.to/kjkLfT

Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions

Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions


Guy Kawasaki, in his book called “Enchantment“, presents how to become likeable towards others. Below, you can find a “one page” summary of the book but I do invite you to read the book and enjoy the details / stories / experiences that lead to his conclusions.

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