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8 mistakes to avoid when you talk with a “Venture Capital” firm

October 16, Volta Ventures, a Belgian Venture Capital firm made a presentation at the Betacowork. Frank Maene, Volta’ managing director, described the “raison d’être” of a VC as well as the “do and don’t” in front of a VC.

crowdfunding - credits:

crowdfunding – credits:

Frank made a great presentation and made people aware that VC’s aren’t necessarily the best financial instrument for entrepreneurs.

Besides the rest of the presentation (see the TOC on this page), Frank describes what you have to avoid to say during a negotiating with a VC:

  • “Sign an NDA or I tell you nothing”
  • “Our numbers are very conservative”
  • “There is no competition”
  • “The Americans don’t get Europe”
  • “We’re just back from a very good -first- meeting with Microsoft/FB/Cisco …”
  • “We provide real service”
  • “We’re committed to our customers”
  • “A ‘Big 5’ did our financial plan, so it must be right”
Frank Maene: do & don't while negotiating with a VC

Frank Maene: do & don’t while negotiating with a VC


Frank Maene, Twitter:

Volta Ventures:

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