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Californication: “Why the fuck are you taking a picture of your burger?”

Awesome dialogue during Californication Season 7 Episode 2 when the team of writers take a lunch… I think I will stop taking pictures of my plates

Californication Season 7 - Source:

Californication Season 7 – Source:

The Boss: “Why the fuck are you taking a picture of your burger?”
The Writer : “‘Cause I want to put it on my instagram.”
The Boss: “Oh, you’re gonna put it on your instagram. Of course. Well, that makes sense.”
The Writer: “Yeah. It’s a beautiful burger.”
The Boss: “So let me get this straight. It’s not enough that I have to watch you chew with your mouth open every fucking day. Now I’m gonna have to watch you play Diane Arbus with your food? How about I bring some starving African kid in here, have him watch you take a picture of your gourmet burger with your fucking iPhone? Ought to be ashamed of yourself. Maybe you should spend a little less time sexualizing your lunch…”


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