Twitter API dead-end: Can’t set read-write permissions to our mobile app

Dear readers, you might help me 🙂

I reached a Dead-End using Twitter Apps ( : I can’t grant read-write access to the mobile users of my application.
Whatever the support pages say it is not possible to change the permissions settings.

Here are the steps I have performed before writing this post;

Thank you for your help,

  1. I have setup a new application:
  2. I have filled the relevant information
  3. I received all the API Keys tokens (read-only permissions)

Now I want to set the permissions to “read-write”

  1. I open the Application > Permissions screen
  2. I click on “read and write” button (see picture below)
  3. I click on “Update settings”
Twitter Apps - Permissions

Twitter Apps – Permissions

I receive the following error message: “Error
You must add your mobile phone to your Twitter profile before granting your application write capabilities. Please read for more information”

  1. I follow the link
  2. I have sent SMS to the German and UK numbers
  3. I didn’t receive any response after more than 2 hours

I want to set my mobile phone number on this page: go to (see picture below)

  1. I set the “phone number”
  2. I set the “mobile provider”
  3. I click on “Activate phone”
Twitter, add you mobile phone to your account

Twitter, add you mobile phone to your account

I receive this error : “Sorry, we don’t have a connection to your mobile provider yet!
Don’t worry, we’re on it and will let you know once things are set up. In the meantime, use one of our long codes. Learn more (”
THIS IS A DEAD END HERE, what should I do to achieve my goal: registering my phone number in order to grant read-write access to my mobile application

9 thoughts on “Twitter API dead-end: Can’t set read-write permissions to our mobile app

  1. petosorus

    French here, I created mine tonight and have exactly the same problem.
    I’m facepalming to the death right now.
    I don’t know where to find help about this, if you ever have an answer, it would be nice.

  2. Filip van Laenen

    Doesn’t work in Norway either. Tried the one-way long code for the UK and Finland, and that didn’t work either. Haven’t received much help from support either…

    1. Abdelkrim Post author

      This is clear that Twitter team seems not to track their forums. I’ll send a tweet to their Richard (Dick), their CEO and propose him to help us

      1. Filip van Laenen

        The most frustrating part is that I haven’t received a reply to my help requests either. They could at least apologize or something, but it’s like they’re telling me that I’m living in the wrong country, and they can’t even be bothered to talk to me. I call that the arrogance of a monopolist.

  3. Eric Kok

    I had this problem too: solution is to use the mobile website.

    Install the Android app, log in. Go to settings -> your account -> Security. This should open the mobile website. Confirm your phone number here (yet that should work there!). Go to the dev website and enable the write permission.

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  5. Pablo Horteg

    The problem still exists.

    Twitter only get away with this garbage because they are a monopoly for this kind of service. Something that should be simple becomes impossible and Twitter support takes days to respond.


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