logo-nexus - (c) Google

Google Nexus 4: I’ll never buy LG phones again #ergonomics #hardware

Google Nexus Galaxy - (c) Google

Google Nexus Galaxy – (c) Google

I was quite happy to buy a Google Nexus 4 a few months ago. That was my first try to be an early adopter of something; usually I buy second-hand products from a famous bidding company.

Before buying the Google Nexus 4 I have read many reviews claiming it was awesome, the best of the best, the killer smartphone taking great pictures and videos, the lifetime of the battery was small but OK …..

I bought it from the US, import taxes costed me about 120 Euros (I wanted it).

Since then, I am really annoyed but the phone, it doesn’t correspond at all to the reviews I have read; I wonder how the reviewers did their test; were they high ?!?

I do invite LG’ designers to work with my company as beta tester of their newest technologies in order to get a fair feedback of their technologies; you know a feedback governed by authenticity, fairness and correctness.

  • the position of the speaker is simply wrong; One needs to place the smartphone on its glass to hear a thing!
  • Speakers quality is really poor even if you listen to 192 kbps music’s or radio stations
  • taking the smartphone with you left-hand make it unusable as the phone doesn’t react anymore correctly to the gesture
  • I thought my provider was the issue  but systematically calling twice my correspondent provides me with a descent communication channel
  • utilising the hand-free option never did the job; my correspondent never understand a word
  • Pictures taken with the phone are OK but don’t try to take a picture inside any building
  • Most videos at night records read eyes
  • Keeping 3G, listening to the radio and charging the phone “on the wall” at the same time doesn’t increase the battery life !!!! I do need to shutdown my 3G to charge my phone
  • THE LAST BUT NOT LEAST, the life time batteries while using the 3G is 3 hours maximum !!!!

could you confirm such issues on your Google Nexus 4?

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