Worst MBA Placement Records of 2012 | Poets and Quants

Source : http://poetsandquants.com/2013/04/06/b-schools-that-graduate-jobless-mbas/

Almost everyone who goes to a business school for an MBA does so to get a better job, at higher pay, with more advancement opportunity. But all MBAs are not created equally and all of them don’t necessarily get you a better job–or perhaps any job at all.

Last year, for example, 14 business schools ranked among the very best in the country by U.S. News reported that at least half or more of their full-time graduates were without jobs at commencement. That’s down from the 21 schools with that dubious distinction in 2011, but still something of a shock if not a surprise…..

3 thoughts on “Worst MBA Placement Records of 2012 | Poets and Quants

  1. Harald Lamprecht

    The real issue with MBA education is that the MBA education prepares them to work in big corporations and prepares them to get along the carrer ladder. People are NOT prepared to become entrepreneurs.

    1. Abdelkrim Post author

      Harald, may i disagree? 🙂

      Most of the classes given during the MBA fits for both large and small companies.

      I didn’t count but at least 49% of the courses can be directly applied to SMEs.

      At Solvay http://www.solvay.edu/mba we had entrepreneurship, strategies for SMEs, finance or marketing classes (and many more) i directly used for my venture.

      Let’s really about it during a lunch after your current duties


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