HP Logo Round - credits: www.hp.com

HP employs very bad software developers. Meg, do you test your apps?

HP produces very bad software, many experts can confirm that simple statement.

HP produces software from another age where: the maximum length of a file name is 24 characters; one-single-A4-page scanned with HP “CM2320Fxi MFP” weight 4 Megabytes (Mb) while open source software like PDF Creator creates a 160 Kilobytes (Kb) file.

I don’t even talk about the lies concerning the technical capabilities of your hardware: it appears that the TCP/IP connectivity of some printers is absent when it is clearly written on the manual; hopefully your support teams confirms your behaviour!

Here, again, HP proves its inability to test its software’s, even the simplest ones. A few days ago, HP proposed to upgrade the drivers of my printer; I agreed to do so.

After the next reboot, HP proposed me to watch a “quality optimizer video”. I did it and I thought it was a joke as the video quality was very crap (see below) and the sole information shared during the video is the fact that you need to select the relevant paper quality for your need! Thank you Meg Whitman!

HP laser video optimizer quality

HP laser video optimizer quality

The day after, I starts my computer and an HP application asks me to watch the video again but, I click on the radio button stating “don’t remind me again” (see below).

HP LaserJet Print quality optimizer video bug

HP LaserJet Print quality optimizer video bug

Unfortunately, since then, every time I start my computer, HP asks me whether I want to watch the video; and me, like Sisyphus, I need to click on “don’t remind me again” !!!

My question is the following: will HP test its applications in the future? Meg Whitman, I invite you to call your customers once in a while, maybe will you understand why your stock falls by 24% since you arrived (22.32$ vs. 16.79$) . But to be honest, the quality of your software wasn’t good before your arrival.

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