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My secret wish list for Microsoft Office 2013

Here is my secret wish list for Microsoft Office since many years. Now I spend 5 minutes to share it and hoping some CxO at Microsoft will read it and dig into.

  1. in PowerPoint (and the others) I can set the language of a file including all components like tables or SmartArt simply by clicking on “tools > language > English (United Kingdom)”
  2. All shortcuts are identical between PC and MacOS
  3. in Word, Saving a file as a PDF don’t generate several files, one per section
  4. In PowerPoint, allowing us to colorise the text inside the notes
  5. Spelling and Grammar corrections to be available for each tool. Do you think such functionality is unnecessary on PowerPoint and Excel? or even inside the Macro?
  6. In Excel, I can set the same header and footer once for all worksheets
  7. On PC, reduce this ridiculous amount of keyboard keys to input to get to the properties of the file (I don’t use a mouse for years now, and very few the trackpad)
  8. Provide Visio for Mac OS X
  9. Provide the snippets of Vision on each Office tools
  10. in Excel, explain me why I can do a “copy paste special” during which I copy the Functions in each table to another column or line without losing the original formula. e.g. on A1 the formula is sum(B2..B25); I want to copy the same content’ function on another cell with hassle; how do I do that?
  11. On Mac OS X, using Word, correct the bug when we search for a text using a shortcut; the search doesn’t do anything ?!?
  12. In Word, allow us to change the template of the “View > citations” option. The references aren’t readable for a human being and a lot of manual work is required after each “Update Field > Update Entire Table” function
  13. In Word, it is impossible to remove a Link which is corrupted “Edit > Links” meaning that the source file is set to “NULL”. Click on “Break Link” doesn’t work!
  14. In a perfect world, a copy paste would just set the font of the added text to those of the current document; if no match is possible you could ask us which style to use

Voilà, this is a short version of my wish list; purist should understand what I mean here.

They are plenty of issues like those ones on Mac OS X, but here I must say that Mac OS is often the reason of the issue. e.g. even if I have removed all contacts from MS Office, Spotlight lists dozens of erased contacts on the list ūüė¶

I will certainly install MS Office 2013 somewhere end of 2013; I hope that the migration won’t be¬†aesthetic¬†only

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