Setup project on #google app engine running #Mercurial #Eclipse #Python #app_engine

Starting a new project using Python on the Google App Engine, I decided to keep in mind the steps put in place in order to make this project running.
Due to this, I have created a list of resources that should help you out if you want to achieve the same goal.

Google tools

Create a new project:

Create a new group:

Mercurial source control

Quickstart to mercurial

Quick reference card and cheat sheets:

Mercurial source control:

Eclipse IDE

Eclipse IDE:

Google Plugin for Eclipse:

Mercurial plugin for Eclipse:

MercurialEclipse and its priceless tips

Create the new repository – watch this tutorial :

Gnu Privacy Gard (GnuPG) tools :


2 thoughts on “Setup project on #google app engine running #Mercurial #Eclipse #Python #app_engine

    1. Abdelkrim Post author

      Creating a google group is indeed optional, I showed it for people wanting to start an open source project.

      PGP is needed when you need to deploy securely your code on appengine. this removes the warning from GoogleAppEngineLauncher.

      Hope this answer to your questions,



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