All Entrepreneurs will love the Startup Visa Act of 2011 #Entrepreneurship #USA #Legal

U.S. Senators Kerry, Lugar and Udall propose [1] an updated version [2] of the Start-up Visa Act aiming to facilitate the delivery of US Visa for entrepreneurs all over the world.

Any company being ventured at least for U.S. $100.000 or any individual owning a degree in “science, technology, engineering, math, computer science, or other relevant academic discipline from an accredited United States college, university, or other institution of higher education” would be eligible for a StartUp Visa.

Further details are available on the following links:

[1] Kerry-Lugar-Udall Visa Bill Will Create Jobs in America

[2] Startup Visa Act 2010:

[3] Startup Visa Act promotion website

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