Four rules describing what makes a good picture?

Some people have been surveyed [1] in order to better understand what makes a great photo.

One of the results is interesting: The flash adds 7 years to the person who is photographed;
This is why after several years couples make love in the dark and no more in the garden at the zenith!

More seriously, here are the four topics the blog is focusing on:

  1. Panasonic > Canon > Nikon (…The type and brand of camera you use has a huge effect on how good you look in your pictures…)2010-07-11 19-28-52-IMG_49872005-09-24-13.27.43-Jordanie
  2. The flash adds 7 years. (…Soft light can hide wrinkles, blemishes, devil eyes. The hard light of a flash often brings them out…)
  3. Blot out all other reality (…the best pictures have a very shallow depth of field, meaning that the subject is in crisp focus while the rest of the picture is blurry …)2010-07-19 10-37-30-IMG_5452
  4. There are peak times of the day to take a good picture (…[taking a photo] late night and late afternoon are optimal….)2010-05-24 16-52-54-IMG_8662



Now you have no reason to take ugly pictures of your family anymore!

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