Netbeans, GlassFish, OpenSolaris are dead!

As you know IBM is apparently about to buy SUN Microsystems. It is interesting to see that a IBM covers almost entirely the portfolio of SUN.

Why are they buying the company?

Is it because SUN is cheap?

Is it  because IBM wants to improve OpenOffice and make it a better competitor of Microsoft Office?

Is it because IBM want to stop to fund Eclipse and use NetBeans instead (or to kill the competition)?

Is it because IBM wants to buy their customers?

One important aspect is the following: if IBM really buys SUN Microsystems we can easily foresee the end of the competition in the open source world for at least those tools:

  • NetBeans vs. Eclipse
  • GlassFish vs. WebSphere
  • MySQL vs. DB2
  • Solaris vs. AIX
  • etc.

It is clear that this buy happen

  1. IBM will drastically increase the monopolistic position in many IT areas
  2. The customers of SUN Microsystems will have to migrate to the IBM tools within the next 5 years
  3. The open source world will loose its competitiveness against closed source applications

I just hope that the European Commission and Mrs Neelie Kroes will avoid such buy for the sake of the competition!

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