Microsoft, the biggest distributor of Open Source Software ever?

First, Microsoft and Novell agreement gave to Microsoft the opportunity to be one of the biggest seller of Linux Operating System

A few months ago, Microsoft released the Microsoft Web Application Installer[0] that allowed limited amount of Windows users[1] to easily install widely used Open Source software. But strangely, the Readme file [2] contradicts the list[1] supported Operating Systems by saying: “…Windows Vista RTM is not supported due to the lack of FastCGI support for the version of IIS that ships with it…”.

I haven’t found a given explanation justifying the first selection: DotNetNuke, Drupal, Gallery, Graffiti CMS, osCommerce, phpBB, WordPress.

It seems that the first Microsoft choice doesn’t focus on developers but on users of open source software: The tools proposed are not exclusively manageable by high skilled administrators like OBM,

What are the reasons why Microsoft releases such installer? I found several good reasons:

  1. To increase the amount of PHP developers on Windows OS
  2. To increase the amount of ASP.NET developers by Open Source developers
  3. To increase the usage of Internet Information Services (IIS) by Open Source developers

But today, I used the same link to see what happened to this initiative and I can only say that it has been abandoned!

Microsoft is now providing a kind of LAMP stack of Microsoft Free solutions: .NET Framework, IIS and Extensions, SQL Server and Visual Web Developer.

That is a great idea for the Microsoft .NET developers but will once again prove that Microsoft has difficulties to find a breach into the open source community cohesion against them.


[1] Supported Operating Systems are: Windows Vista RTM, Windows Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008



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