Who wants to buy Unisys?

I’m following the stock market every day for some years now. It is interesting to see that after the Internet bubble, Unisys could not gain any more visibility on the market which should imply an increase of the stocks price.

After watching/reading the news regarding their latest quarter I wanted to know the “estimated” real value of the stocks. I used my Internet banking to do so.

I learned an amazing thing: the market evaluates the actual price of the Unisys stocks at 3.42 USD! Today the stocks costs 4.44USD

The report (based on criteria like solvability, increase of revenues…) says that the current price of the stock is overestimated!

Based on the current price of the stocks (4.44USD), the company could be bought for about 1.57B (market capitalisation). They are about 30500 fellow employees which mean that any buyer will pay each Unisys’ employee about $51.500.

When you know that Oracle paid 6.7B for BEA systems who employees only 4,275 persons (Oracle paid each BEA’ employee about $1.5M) you understand how cheap Unisys is.

In the meantime, Unisys earns a lot of framework projects; they want to reduce their costs by creating UTS (Unisys Technical Systems) and outsourcing 40% of their projects. But it is still not sufficient or not fast enough for the market.

The questions are:

  • How Unisys could gain some visibility which should increase the interest of investors / speculators?
  • Is Unisys interested to gain more visibility?
  • How many times have you read visions of their managers or IT Architects?
  • How many times have you seen an advertising of Unisys? and how many times have you seen Tiger Woods in the newspapers?


I wonder how Unisys will be able to be more visible. Its Management Board doesn’t seem to have found the magical potion see this blog on the Yahoo! Message board

I have one advice: Buy the stocks as the price is terribly low because the chance Unisys will be bought or cut into small business units this year is very high! this will increase drastically the price of the stocks.

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