SAP A1S and Intalio have same strategy: Zero code, Used by Process Analysts, one-click deploy and Free of charge?

SAP is proposing a new product, A1S, targeted to SMEs having a turn over between 25 to 150 millions Euros. The solution”… will deliver the benefits of enterprise SOA under a new “try-run-adapt” model leveraging the Internet and telesales, and can be managed entirely remotely, from day-to-day operations to upgrades...” [1].

Basically nothing new, the customer design his process and he hopes to deploy it quickly. Previously this task needed many consultants, customisations and money.

Today, SAP CFO, Dr. Werner Brandt, says that A1S will “…reduce the TCO by 90%…” [2] by removing the need of the customisations by well paid consultants. SAP proposes a “…suite in a box…” that can be customised by the end user with the help of a telesales person. This summarises the process of deploying an SAP solution to some BPM 2.0 concepts developed by Ismael Chang Ghalimi (Zero code, Used by Process Analysts, One-click deploy) [3]. Here the SAP A1S added-value [2]:

  • Covers all relevant areas of business (“suite in a box”)
  • Eliminates buyer’s risk (TRY)
  • Fast time to value (RUN)
  • Quick and easy user adoption (RUN)
  • Rapidly adaptable to changing customer needs (ADAPT)
  • Reduces total cost of ownership by up to 90% (ADAPT)

Ismael Ghalimi says that BPM 2.0 [4] is also “…Free of charge…“, “[uses a] Web 2.0 user interface…“, “... [is] loved by ABAP… Folks…” Those assumptions will have to be verified when SAP will present his product to a broader audience and after some first user experience feedback’s.

Two questions come to my mind:
Is SAP A1S an output of the cooperation with Intalio or, more correctly, the fact that SAP ventures funded Intalio [5]?
Is a 90% reduction of the TCO means “Free of charge” for SAP?

[2] investor/pdf/WB_UBS_March14_Final.pdf
[5] “Workflow, Document and Business Process Management”, 2004

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