Dabble DB or the “next generation user interface database”

Dabble DB lets you build database applications with no hassle. It’s easy to use yet extremely flexible and powerful…” claims the website. Even they’re right I think they should try to hire some marketing company to find better wording to describe their awesome application.

Easily described: Dabble DB provides common functionalities of a database: CRUD of records.

But, they provide many features that I’ve seen only in Filemaker many years ago (Filemaker had fewer functionalities, I must admit) : easy database normalisation, data restucturing, grouping, filtering, generation of charts including “world maps“, automatic recognition of patterns allowing Dabble DB to automatically generates calendar, and many other features.
A 7 minutes demo is available and will give you a good idea of what could be achieved.

Now only one question comes to my mind, what is their business model?

  1. Inviting people to save their private data like many other web 2.0 companies (Zoho, Signals37, name them…)?
  2. Invite CIOs to save their “added value” data?

I’ll never believe in this kind of business model at least because here, in Europe, data privacy means something. A simple calculation decreases their market by 500 millions EU customers and hundrerd of thousands EU companies too!

Even they claim to take care of our privacy, history proves that US government cannot be trusted and our data could be compromised too easily.

Dabble DB cannot be hosted at home, I hope that competitors will align their user interface based on Dabble DB!

Maybe the answer comes already from Ismael Ghalimin, the Intalio co-founder: “…As long as it does not matter that the data stored into Dabble DB can be seen by anyone once you publish it [you can select Dabble DB to host your data]…“.

Off course this post can be applied to all Web 2.0 companies relying on the craziness of people to store their private data on a remote server. I will be glad to see the figures of the kind of customers those Web2.0 have after 2 years……

2 thoughts on “Dabble DB or the “next generation user interface database”

  1. Luke Andrews

    Thanks for the review. Data privacy means a lot to us too — we take our customers’ data very seriously. First off, we’re a Canadian company and therefore we’re subject to Canadian privacy laws which are quite stringent (and are recognized by the EU as satisfying European requirements). Second, we want to help as many people as we can: if our secure access model and robust internal security isn’t enough, we’re open to other solutions like encrypting data. We don’t think storing private data on a remote server is that crazy: for a lot of smaller companies without the resources to do it properly, it may even be a safer solution to rely on a trusted provider instead of trying to cook up in-house security. The fact is, a lot of people right now email their spreadsheets and rely on Blackberries and cell phones and none of those things is secure.

    Luke Andrews
    Dabble DB

  2. Abdelkrim Post author

    Luke, I didn’t noticed your company is based in Canada but the problem resides in the distance between the supplier and the customer.

    I agree with you when discussing about smaller companies needing to outsource their IT in order to focus on their business but the problem still remain same: you’ll ask to “famous” local companies to manage your data instead of some far away companies.

    Maybe could we discuss this kind of business opportunities privately?

    Kind regards


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