Alfresco, not really an open source license

Alfresco, the Entreprise Content Management uses an Alfresco open source licence that has not been accepted yet by the Open Source Initiative ( due to one attribution clause added in the Mozilla Public Licence v1.1. Before deploying Alfresco be sure that the User Interface guidelines of your customer match the attribution clause constraint!

“….II. Alfresco and logo.
This License does not grant any rights to use the trademarks “Alfresco” and the “Alfresco” logos even if such marks are included in the Original Code or Modifications.

However, in addition to the other notice obligations, all copies of the Covered Code in Executable and Source Code form distributed must, as a form of attribution of the original author, include on each user interface screen (i) the ” Alfresco Community” logo, (ii) the vendor disclaimer “Supplied free of charge with no support, no certification, no maintenance, no warranty and no indemnity by Alfresco Software, Inc or its certified partners. Click here for support. And certified Versions” and (iii) the copyright notice in the same form as the latest version of the Covered Code distributed by Alfresco Software, Inc. at the time of distribution of such copy. In addition, the “Alfresco Community” logo and vendor disclaimer must be visible to all users and be located at the very bottom left of each user interface screen. Notwithstanding the above, the dimensions of the ” Alfresco Community ” logo must be at least 176 x 26 pixels. When users click on the ” Alfresco Community ” logo it must direct them back to When users click on the vendor disclaimer it must direct them to In addition, the copyright notice must remain visible to all users at all times at the bottom of the user interface screen. When users click on the copyright notice, it must direct them back to”

1 thought on “Alfresco, not really an open source license

  1. John Newton

    Like many in the professional open source business, we have been experimenting with our license. There is no model company that any startup can point to say that’s the way to do it. Companies like SugarCRM, Zimbra, Pentaho, Jasper and Alfresco have altered our licenses as we navigate through the development of our respective businesses. We were particularly concerned when we were starting up that people would take advantage of our innovations before we had a chance to build our brand.

    We have now built one of the stronger brands in open source and so our original concerns around the protection that we had from attribution no longer apply. We have also been tracking the conversations on attribution that have occurred in the OSI through our colleague Matt Asay who is on the board of the OSI.

    Look forward to an announcement from Alfresco in this area soon.


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